Introducing PromShow

The expo show for prom shopping

Welcome to the website for PromShow, the new name in helping Students shop for Prom. Our mission is simple…to enable prom-going Students to make better decisions by attending seminars given by experienced Prom veterans, meeting Prom industry vendors and going home with all kinds of helpful content.

PromShow is truly a high-school oriented program. It was (and still is) assisted by the co-op students within the Genesis Labs program, with advice from many students and teachers across North America and overseen by Jordan St Jacques, the Founder of Digitera (and a former Prom DJ back in the day).

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Who benefits from attending or exhibiting at PromShow?

If you belong to one of the following groups, PromShow will benefit you!

Students – meet local vendors from across your region and beyond; learn about the best methods to organize your Prom night from industry experts

Local Prom Vendor – meet Students from all across the region, and present your company face-to-face

National Brands – major venue chains such as hotels can reach Students all across the continent through our regional show network

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